How slovakian girls differ from everybody else?

So we come to the first difference is the heels! A slovakian women will prefer comfortable shoes with flat soles, for them heels, this is something quite solemn and extremely rare in general. By the way, recently, among Russian women, one can also notice a changing trend, shoes without heels are more and more included in the masses.

There is also a big difference in clothes, for slovakian women, convenience is always in the first place, they do not stand out from the crowd at all, they lack the desire to surprise everyone with their outfit, so much so that they gasp!

And we love that. Russian women attach great importance to clothing; they like to dress up and change their outfits. It is also worth noting makeup.

Clearly shaped eyebrows, feline and not very arrows, mascara, tonal foundation - this is the usual minimum of a Russian girl. Minimum! And add here even sophisticated beauties who can sculpt faces, shine with a highlighter, master the technique of smokey-ice perfectly.

Already in high school, girls learn all the details of makeup and love to use them.

Slovakian women are indifferent to makeup, if you take in general. They can afford to come to the office without makeup and at the same time do not stand out from the crowd. Their usual makeup is eyelashes and powder, and with bright lipsticks in the morning at the bus stop they can hardly be seen almost ever.

This also applies to hair, you rarely see specially curled curls or complex hairstyles, usually hair tied in a tail.

We also note the indifference of slovakian women to gold and jewelry. Russian women love gold jewelry, the standard gift for a russian/english/french woman from her husband is gold. Rings, pendants, chains, rings again - the love of our compatriots.

Slovakian women are cold to jewelry, even wedding rings are far from all, and this is the norm. In general, the image of a slovakian is a girl running about on business, in inconspicuous clothes of calm tones, whose head can be clogged with anything, but not in appearance.

How to act before meeting?

Before a personal meeting, there is the opportunity to chat with a person, and thereby understand whether he suits you according to your interests or not. So you save your time, and spend it on a more worthy candidate. The likelihood that the meeting will be pleasant is increasing.

No painful failures and heartache. Agree, it is unpleasant to hear how a pretty stranger sends you to the distant kingdom when you are almost ready to make an offer to her. Only those people are registered on our online dating service who are really ready to meet and are set up for a serious relationship.

Do not look for prepositions. It is difficult to meet a future slovakian brides on the street, especially if the situation does not predispose to this. And how many happy love stories could be ... On our site, all you need to do to get to know someone is to send a message to any of the girls you like.

You can communicate with people, while being anywhere in the world. On our site single slovakian girl are waiting for the affection. If you are interested in the inhabitants of this particular country, then you can get to know them. And it’s not at all necessary for this to be local.

Well, with all the advantages of online dating decided. Now let's figure out why our platform? User friendly interface.

It’s nice to work on the online dating service. Everything is accessible and extremely clear. Our programmers took care of this in advance.

The presence of filters for a successful search

Maybe you have any preferences for age, city, interests, etc.? To save you from a long browsing of the online dating service and go straight to dating, we created search filters. Thanks to them, you can find the most suitable bride from Slovakia.

If you are very afraid of failure and worry, then you can use this technique. After choosing a suitable beauty, put a mark "I like" in her photo, preferably on the avatar. If in response she puts a like on your photo, then you can safely add to friends and get to know each other. Usually girls use this technique, like a young man in the photo and wait for him to write. Therefore, if a stranger appreciated your photo, you can safely get acquainted, you were given a green light. But do not forget to clarify whether the girl is busy, why do you need extra showdowns and scandals.

If a girl complains about her mood, try to cheer her up. Find out the cause of her disorder, it is possible that the girl is just flirting. In this way, she may unconsciously ask you for sympathy or support. Cheer her up, tell some funny or ridiculous case about yourself.

Girls love when they are taken care of, so try to create such an atmosphere in correspondence so that she thinks that you are not indifferent to her emotional state. Pay attention to the content and emotional coloring of the correspondence. Try not to offend her by accident.

To make acquaintance on the Internet successful and in the future could result in closer communication, adhere to several rules that will help you find the right girl:

she should be free in terms of relationships;

from the first messages it is located to communication;

you should feel that she is also interested. There should be no “one-goal game”;

It will be perfect if from the first minutes of your acquaintance you find a common theme that will be close to both of you.

You can also surprise in different ways, but for a successful acquaintance it is better to still evoke positive emotions. Phrases of the type “your mom doesn’t need a son-in-law?” Are unlikely to catch a decent person in their souls, they will seem more vulgar and the man who uses such constructions will go to ignore or blacklist. And he can forever forget about close communication with this lady.

It is better to start a conversation with a girl on the Internet with a compliment. It should not be banal, but really suitable for the chosen interlocutor. For example, you have a very sweet smile, or when you smile, you have such awesome dimples on your cheeks. It is appropriate to make such compliments if the girl has photos that confirm this. In addition, when meeting and at the beginning of communication, the mistake of many men is the complement of the girl’s chest or pope. Such comments can lead the girl to negative thoughts. It is also not necessary to flatter and praise excessively that which is not present, it will rather repulse if the girl is adequate and respects herself.

You can start chatting with a joke, but this is such an adventure that you can’t say for sure whether it will pass or not. First, you must be able to joke. Secondly, it is not a fact that the interlocutor has a sense of humor, then she may simply not understand and be offended. In addition, life has shown for a long time that men and women think differently. But then this is a very original method, and girls appreciate and love this. Even if she doesn’t like you at once, then she’s sure to hook, and in the future everything is in your hands.

Or, for example, congratulate on some holiday. If you look at the calendar, then almost every day is a holiday: a day of smile, happiness, flowers, dog cats, tea / coffee lovers and many more. Yes, and you can always come up with a holiday yourself. Such awareness, attentiveness and romance will not allow the girl to rude or refuse you.

To show that you can be interesting to the interlocutor, before writing to her, study her data and interests. See the groups in which she is a member or the music she is listening to. In this case, you can trump the common interests and write that you found it in any VKontakte group. The girl will really like that among all the subscribers you paid attention to her. Thanks to her common interest, she will have the impression that you will be able to understand her, and this is important. After all, every girl considers herself the best, beautiful, interesting and desirable.


We care about our users and try to protect them from unpleasant situations. Almost all the profiles (trash is rare, but still gets there) are hiding real girls. When registering, they confirmed their accounts via mail. All pages have passed this stage. It was screened out by many ill-wishers and scammers.

Through the design of the questionnaire, slovakian girls show their creativity

Pages are occupied by future slovakian brides. They decide which photos to post, what information about themselves to note. Already on the page you can understand whether you want to communicate or not.

Do not forget about the specifics of the site

Only slovakian girl are registered with us. So if you wanted to meet a potential slovakian brides from there (it doesn’t matter if you are a foreigner or a local), then you are welcome.

A large number of users

Every day new users are registered on the site, each of whom is unique in some way. If the conversation went wrong with one person, you can always go to the second or third ... As they say, choose what you want. But remember that not only you are doing this.

Does this work?

Many skeptics ask this question. The answer is simple. Yes, but not for everyone. Registration on the site does not guarantee you an approaching wedding. It only allows you to start looking for the “one.” Everything else depends on your personal qualities and aspirations.

In any case, many couples appeared thanks to our online dating service. Even cases of the formation of a family are known.

So here the only question is how you will behave on the site, with what intentions you came here.

What is our site like?

It was created for those who want to find a soul mate. It is an online platform for lonely hearts. On it, users can evaluate each other's pages and write to those to whom they have felt interest. Behind each page is a slovakian girl who wants to meet a successful man from anywhere in the world, not only from her country. The choice of slovakian brides is extremely rich, you can get acquainted with the most suitable for you.

Why can our site be called special?

We did not create it for fleeting acquaintances. And so that people really find worthy life companions. They don’t come to us for the sake of “one-night stand”. Basically, users are serious, the purpose of their stay on the online dating service is to create good and strong relationships. This is what our platform is valuable for. It is on it that strong families are created.

What do you need to know before registering?

We thought in advance of the moment that not everyone can easily learn how to use the site. Therefore, we did our best to facilitate this task. In any case, before registering, you can watch a small “lesson”. It explains in detail how to use the site, how to create your own pages, search for the people, write to them and make an appointment. So first you need only basic Internet skills, the device doesn’t matter. It can be either a computer or a telephone.

If you want to make your life easier, subscribe to our newsletter via mail.

Periodically, the site generates pages that cuold suit you in accordance with your interests and wishes. These "selections" in the form of different profiles are created based on your search history. If a lonely beautiful and smart slovakian girl who also suits you by interests is suddenly registered on the online dating service, you will be the first to know about it. Subscribe to us - and we will send a notification when necessary.

What to do if you come across scammers?

Before proceeding to the description of a detailed action plan, let's understand how to “calculate” fraudsters among other honest users.

Pay attention to the pages. The profile of a real person is very different from that of dishonest people. Usually on the scammers page there are either a lot of strange photos (it’s easy to calculate by the presence of Photoshop), or there are practically none. Also, scammers usually write little in profiles, while limiting themselves to general phrases. Real users try to talk more about themselves in order to attract a potential life partner. The interlocutor often talks about money, asks for information about bills. Most likely, this is how scammers try to understand whether it is worth trying to make money on you, or whether it is useless.

Pay attention to the writing style. Man writes in approximately the same manner. Usually scammers have one page for everyone, respectively, and different people are sitting through the account. So find the trend in the letter from your interlocutor and periodically check if he is moving away from it.

Conventionally, fraudster pages can be divided into two types:

Everything is too bad. Few photos, if any, are incomprehensible. Without faces, everything goes in some fragments. Like pieces taken out of context.

Everything is too good. A lot of photos and information on the page. Fraudsters are not fools at all, so they are trying to make the most realistic page possible.

Well, now you know how to find a scammer. What to do if you encounter it? The answer is extremely simple, let us know. After checking, if the charges prove to be justified, we will block the page and the deceivers will not be able to harm anyone.

The main thing is do not be silent and do not pass by. Contact technical support immediately. They will help you there. After all, it is precisely to ensure the safety of users that we work. Let's fight dishonesty together.

Well, now you are armed, you know what to do in case of trouble, familiar with the basic principles of the site. It remains only to verify how all this works in practice. Make sure the effectiveness of online dating on our site. An interesting and long journey into the world of love awaits you.

You no longer have to spend the weekend alone. Perhaps it is with us that you will find the person with whom you want to share leisure, hobbies, evening and even life.

Pleasant acquaintances and a good long voyage!

Your soulmate is already waiting for you. It remains only to register on the site and meet your long-awaited happiness.