Despite the fact that we are trying to “clean” the site of scammers, specially thought-out them can still come to us under the guise of ordinary users. Sometimes they are difficult to calculate, but what to do if you succeed?

1. Do not enter into dialogue with them.
A conversation with a fraudster will not lead you to a beautiful love, for which you registered on the dating service. Writing nasty things to them is also not worth it, they will simply block you. And the fraudster will go into free swimming to deceive less vigilant users.

2. Blocking scammers is also not worth it.
You will get rid of them, but the deceivers will remain on the bride agency. And, more likely, after this incident they will become even more thoughtful. Some user may get a broken heart due to their fraud.

Well, you can’t talk with scammers, and block them too. A logical question arises. What then to do, dear developers?

The answer is extremely simple: let us know in technical support. We will personally check this page, and if it really raises suspicions, we will block it. The fraudster will be neutralized. And none of the users will suffer.

So remember. The main thing is to seek help in time. And then nothing will stop you from finding true love.